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Thu Mar 5, 2009, 6:57 PM
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  • Drinking: Heineken
Lost is a good show! But weird!

I'm so back it's like holy shit
what the hell is going on
i'm totally felt disowned and feelin' disgusted from shit
I'm here for the now and now to be a pawn.


Fri Feb 27, 2009, 11:28 PM
Lost is a good show! But weird!


  • Listening to: Tupac - Thug Life - Stay True
  • Eating: Only half bagel and fruit snacks haha
  • Drinking: Capri Sun

I am a slacker

Fri Mar 3, 2006, 10:26 PM
Lost is a good show! But weird!

Today I was so tired.  My sleeping schedule is all whack.  I didn't go to school and I was being a slacker.

I just uploaded a bunch of pictures and scraps.  Go check them out if you are bored or interested.

I watched the first three episodes of the second season of Lost.  Go watch that show if you haven't already.  I watched the middle of the first to now (I should go watch more) and it's really suspenseful.  It's such a weird show!

I am tired.  =/

I was thinking I might provide prints and split the money with my photographer, Steve Smith.  

Do you think it's worth it or not?

It's like, $25 to get a printing account.

I don't know, I'll think about it more.  This was just random.
Great!  I already have something set up for next month to do hair and make-up for two shoots on the 17th and 20th.  I'm working with Ivy, WanderingBohemian, this time.  She wants a 1940's style hair and make-up done.  I know how to do 1940's hair, definitely.  I am thinking of a simple style that I've done in school.  Instead of using rollers (the hair would take too long to dry) I will use a curling iron and then backcomb (tease) the hair.  I loved roller sets and styling the hair so this will be fun!  I just need to think of a few before the shoot.  

I am really excited to get the TF/CD back from Steve.  He's always good about mailing stuff out to me so no worries.  I really want to see the pictures I shot of him with the pigtails and lipstick on!  Haha, it was so funny.  A professional setting with silly Steve modeling.  Haha, he's great.
Hey everyone~

I uploaded a few pictures I think everyone will enjoy from my most recent shoot.  I'm still waiting to get my TFCD but when it comes I'll post more pictures.

Please comment!  I always read all my comments I get and I look foward to them.

I also posted a picture of my boyfriend and me.  :]
Hey everyone, to see my other DA you can go here:

It shows the hair design and make-up applications I did on models.  :]

EDIT: Link fixed
Well, Brandon and I are taking a break again.  Everyone says that he and I should break up and that I can definitely find a better guy who will meet my needs.  He never shows that he cares for me; Only when he gets jealous of guys.

I am just kind of depressed and lonely right now.

I have been talking to Kyle for a good hour and a half and he just signed off without saying goodbye.  I'll wait and see if he comes back.

We had a pretty good talk.  Hmm, maybe I'll edit this entry later and finish it.
Sweet, 1000 hits.  Go me.  
Today has been quite boring.

I need to run after work too; I didn't do it yesterday because Reita and I smoked after work.  LoL, plus I was just lazy and I wanted to get on ebay to bid.  God, I am such an ebay addict.  @_@  I have to pay off the listing fees as well.  Poo.

Brandon called me at work because I tried to get ahold of him and I remembered that he was taking his finals.  He was being such a dick; He made me cry and then hung up on me when I was.  I called him back and he was like, "I'm fucking driving, I don't want to hear about this shit."  I want to punch him in the face.  And the last time he got me flowers was a year ago.  He really has no consideration and it feels like he doesn't care about me.  I know he does..but it sure as hell doesn't feel like it.

He and I have to go to my counselor tomorrow for our relationship and I am going to tell Ben all about what has been happening since two weeks ago.  The next time Brandon gets me flowers I want to throw them in his face.  :)

I am at work right now and the server is going really slow.

I need to delete aol account tonight and call my phone service to get dsl.  The last day for the $75 cash back ends tomorrow.

God damnit, here I go again with staying up late.  I need to wake up early too.  I suck.  Period.

Well, I finally got around to updating my gallery.  Finally.  I've been on DA for an hour and a half and I still feel unaccomplished because there are people who I want to write back and what not.  Sorry everyone.  There there.

I don't want tomorrow to come.  Ugh..too many obligations.

I always get pissed off at Brandon.  He pisses me off.  Now I am pissed off.

I need $.
Well, here I sit, another day when I watch the sun set from the doors to my right.  I guess Reita and I are going to smoke after work.  That is something to look foward to after a boring day.  u_u

I didn't get to do anything last night.  I wonder what Geoff is doing since I didn't get to see him since the Keller show when he drove me down.  I think he called me Monday or something...I forget.

I got these pants off of ebay.  I am so into corduroys now..LoL.  I won this sweater off of ebay too today.  I was getting freaked out cause I waited until there was like, 30 seconds left and I had to bid 3 times before I won.  Thank god that I have this cable modem here at work; I would have never won it otherwise.

I also won this cool Jimi Hendrix shirt and a Janis Joplin Shirt...or was that a Led Zeppelin shirt.  I forget.  x.x  I got this awesome jacket and pins and stuff.  I am an ebay addict.  I need to sell more stuff but I think I am going to wait until I pay off my $55 listing fees.

I always have shit to pay off; it's really annoying.  ><
Damnit!  ><  I have so many cds that I don't know what to do with them all.  I have like...300+.  I got some awesome cds from Joe to burn the other day.

Well, Geoff, Ryan, Caitlin, and I went to the Keller Williams parking lot and sold ganja peanut butter cookies and there were no tickets.  That pissed me off.  I had 3 chances to see Keller Williams and I didn't get to.  Stupid ticket master.  -stab-

I am pretty tired.  I don't want to go to work tomorrow.  Ugh.  Stupid bids.
Today I ran after I woke up.  It was misting and windy out, but oh well.  I didn't want to run later when it was dark AND raining AND windy.  x.x  

I am going to the Keller show tomorrow with Geoff, Caitlin, and Ryan.  This should be fun.  Brandon has to work so he can't come along.  I hope we don't get into an accident or anything.  We'll probably be out late, knowing us.

I have to go to this reuinon dinner tomorrow for x-mas with my pops.  x.x
Oh I can't wait to see Keller Williams this Saturday with Geoff.  I guess we'll meet Ryan and Caitlin down there too.  She has such a stuffy voice probably due to the fact that she puts a lot of things up there as well.

I need to get rid of aol.  I need to get dsl or cable, man.  This is such bullshit.  -whine-

listening to: ween - homo rainbow

drinking: orange juice

smoking: pot

mood #1: tired

mood #2: annoyed

mood #3: anxious

worked today?: yes, it was a pain

what did you eat for lunch?: leftover chinese food

how long did you work: 5 or some hours..not a lot.

Gotta run after work.  Brandon is picking me up early.  -.-;;  He'll probably get lost but oh well.  I want to add more pictures to DA when I get home on my shittily dial up.